You know the pads and tampons you're currently using are toxic, but you're not sure about the alternatives. 

You want to connect with your womb and learn how to use natural alternatives for your feminine health. 

The Womb Alchemy Session is a 50 minute session that will provide you with amazing tools used by women for centuries to help you connect with your womb and your feminine health. 

After this session you will:

  • Know how to use a menstrual cup and if that's not your thing, some natural alternatives to use instead.
  • Know how to do castor oil packs and know why they are great for womb health.
  • know how to perform womb massage exercises that help boost your fertility and benefit those with PCOS, Endometriosis and Fibroids.
  • Know what the heck a yoni egg is and how to use them, as well as alternative womb healing methods
  • know an exercise you can do to help you release past partners. 

Your period does not have to be something you dread every month. You can connect with your womb and create new habits that will support the health and healing of your womb. 


Included with your 1:1 Session you will receive:

  • One follow Up emails to check in on progress and provide additional support.
  • Printable Castor Oil Pack Guide
  • Suggestions for menstrual cups and natural pads and tampons
  • Recommendations for purchasing yoni eggs and crystal wands

This session is for:

  • Women tired of exposing herself to the toxic chemicals in pads and tampons.
  • Any woman who wants to learn how to perform womb massages on herself. 
  • Women looking to learn how heal energetic blockages held in their uterus and ovaries.
  • Anyone curious about yoni eggs
  • Women who want to boost their fertility 

This session is not for:

  • Anyone not willing to try new methods and alternatives for the typical feminine hygiene products on the market. 
  • Anyone not open to connecting with their womb.


After you press 'Book Me' you will be sent to my booking site. There you can view my available schedule and book a session time most convenient for you. After your session has been booked you will be asked to complete a brief confidential health history intake form. 

Sessions are available via Skype, Facetime, and Phone. Please specify which you would prefer during the booking process and provide your screen-name and/or phone number.