What are women saying about our oil?

The s*** really works, I can’t wait to purchase more of it!
— Latasha Timberlake
What a soft and feminine smell. I love it!
In 2015 I was in the process of recovering from a miscarriage I had that January. I connected with Bri later on in the year and purchased a product she created in order to assist with getting your hormones together, and to prepare the body for baby by boosting fertility. Not long after that she sent over an aromatic essential oil blend to test out, which arrived at just the right time. When I first opened it I smelled it, of course, and the first note I picked up on was the clary sage. To be fully honest it’s not my favorite aroma ..it kind of reminds me or licorice and it would make me feel really nauseas, but the formula in which she blended the other oils with it took the aroma to another level. I loved the soft floral notes accompanying the powerful clary sage.
My cycle was coming the next day, and when it did I was prepared for the cramps that followed. They were so bad, like destabilizing. So I took a nice long bath, and when I got out I rolled some of the oil out into my palms and rubbed down from head to toe on top of my moisturizer. I put some socks on, and slept for almost 3 1/2 hours. When I woke up I was SO refreshed. I no longer felt lethargic, crampy, or moody. When I say I felt GOOD. From that point on I began using it everyday as a simple aromatic, with intention of it serving the highest good that it was created for. I received in the early Fall, I believe it was, and found out I was pregnant in the mid of Winter! So not only did it soothe me, knock out PMS symptoms, but also got my hormones in check. Something that happened on a very subtle, & unconscious level.
I say, If there is any apprehension in its worth, know that there’s an abundance of it. I am grateful to Bri for sharing this beautiful oil with me when she did, bringing forth much anticipated joy to me & my family’s life.
— Shanell Chilo
I can’t get over how good it smells!