Womb Alchemy Client

My session with Bri helped me reconnect with my womb. I've worked through cysts, fibroids and heavy periods that lead me to take birth control for years. After much neglect, I have rediscovered my desire to connect with my sacred space. Bri is incredibly knowledgeable and is my go-to person when it comes to fertility and womb wellness. This session was infused with so much sacredness and femininity. I felt Bri's presence in my home even though we were doing this on video chat. The massages really encouraged me to be more hands-on with my own healing journey as I start to try to get pregnant and work through my passion, pleasure, and creativity through this chakra. As a result of our session, I felt a shift in my cycle, like things were releasing. I had a more pleasant moon phase this cycle and felt more energized. Amazing, right? Bri reminds us all that we have the power to tap into our creative and most fertile place, our wombs. Our wombs harness so much wisdom and I am so grateful to have a goddess like Bri to help facilitate my growth and be my support as I focus on stepping into motherhood (hopefully soon)

If I could have a session every week, I would because it is absolutely divine.