Womb Alchemy Client

I would and will definitely recommend your sessions to others. although, as you mentioned, some of these concepts & modalities were familiar to me as a yoga teacher/from leading a holistic lifestyle, having a mindful way to align things specifically around increasing my fertility is really wonderful. 

I *loved* the physical work during our session & look forward to finding my ovaries (; it felt super grounding and nourishing and gives me a more physical way to connect with this process that can get so stuck in my head. 

As I continue to move through my day, I'm also realizing how much my awareness is shifted to my womb space & lower chakras. I've always had lower back "stuff" so I'm realizing that *so* much if not all of my sacral chakra focus has always been on my back body & rarely/never frontal. as a woman/as a classically trained singer {tons of diaphragm work}/as a yogini I am always *keenly* aware of my core and typically keeping it contracted; staying engaged, keeping the belly flat {argh} & now I'm realizing probably also as self-protection. it's going to take some un-/re-conditioning to give myself permission to soften there & that's honestly where I feel intuitively led after our session. feels so f*%#ing vulnerable & scary!! but in an exciting way. 

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