Mama & Baby Reiki Client

"Before the reiki session, I was very stressed and anxious. I felt so lost, unsure of myself and many fears were coming up for me. 

During the reiki session I felt a gentle energy and most of all I feel safe and then I could open to the reiki.  After the calming effects continued and atlas and I had a very relaxed day and slept amazing!!!!!! We had a great night cleansing for the full moon and then writing our manifestations. I felt a lot of the anxiety I was holding I was able to let go with love and light 

It was great! I love the cards! 

You are real, are gentle and have a comfortable friendly energy. And relatable not so holistic that it would seem frightening or overwhelming to someone new into spiritual healing. And you meet me at my level. I have worked with other healers that really go over my head because I am not there in my journey yet. I really enjoy working with you! 

It really helped me get my feet on the ground and learn more about this spiritual journey. 

I feel so much better than I was feeling before the appt with you! I feel I was able to find parts of myself and how I can bring them forth into motherhood. And giving myself some grace which I really needed! 


- Darrien Minnie, Prince Georgia Canada