Reiki Client

"As I continue to open myself to my higher self the uncovering process becomes more intentional and aligned. When I heard that Bri from Fertile Alchemy was coming to my city, I quickly reached out to her for a Reiki session. Just as with my own growth she has let go of her limiting beliefs as well. It is comforting to work with someone who is serious about doing the necessary, "WORK." During my session with her we were healing each other in a very spiritual way. From her intentional preparation, gentle touch, meticulous movement, soothing sounds and sensory scents; my body began to release and respond. Days following, I am still in a very peaceful yet aware state. If you are truly wanting to transform your light, allow Bri to share her energy with you. Your chakras and the universe will thank you."

- / Reiki Client, Indonesia /