Distance Healing

Distance Healing


Reiki does not have to be done in person in order for it to work. In fact, distance healing can be just as relaxing and healing as an in-person session. Clients who have experienced distance Reiki often report feeling physical sensations in their body and feel much more relaxed after each session. 

To prepare for a distance session clients are encouraged to find a quiet place to get comfortable and relax. Distance sessions can be done either over the phone, Skype, or Facetime but are not required. Some clients prefer to be on the phone or Skype during the healing but it is not at all necessary. If you decide not to have your distance session over the phone, please email me a photo of yourself for the healing. Sessions are 30 minutes long and begin with a guided meditation and may include Intuitive coaching based on your needs. 

So how does distance Reiki work?

A perfect example would be cell phones and wifi; the energy that makes them work cannot be seen. They are tuned to certain frequencies that make them work. The same is applied to distance healing with Reiki. The practitioner "tunes" into to the frequency of the client and sends Reiki to the client which is received just like a text message being sent by someone and being received on the other end. 

You do not have to be in contact with the other person to perform a distance healing. Generally a time is scheduled and the practitioner will go about performing a Reiki session on the client, sometimes setting up a crystal grid, while the client is in their on home relaxing receiving the Reiki energy. 

Coming into this experience, I really did not know what to expect (First reiki session), however I knew the experience would be transformative. Bri managed to fulfill every hope and expectations I could have had. The card reading spoke directly to me and the guided mediation was by far the most relaxing and insightful one I have ever done. I feel so full. I HIGHLY recommend a session with Bri.”

— Kat www.clubscottie.com


  • Increased Energy Levels 
  • PMS relief 
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Increased Mental Clarity 
  •  Personal Ability to Grow 
  •  A Sense of Calm or Balance 
  • Emotional Healing & Stability 
  • Clearing & Balancing of Chakras 
  • Can Provide Relief from Chronic Pain 
  • Boosts & Strengthens the Immune System 
  • Compliments & Supports 
  •  Helps to Deal with Suppressed or Blocked Emotions & Feelings 
  •  Reduces Stress, Tension, Anxiety, & General Emotional Distress
  • and much more!!
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After you purchase a distance healing you will receive a confirmation email. Within 24 hours of your purchase you will receive an email to schedule a time for your  healing session.


Please come with an open mind and heart. Sessions work best when you are in a quiet place, relaxed, with no distractions, and you are free to share freely. Feel free to lay in bed or on the floor with a yoga mat or blanket.