Creating a Preconception Plan


The time has finally come for my husband and I to get serious about getting pregnant. The lifestyle I promote and live is designed to have you in a balanced state so that when you’re ready, you won’t have to change much.

But if you are like me and most people there are some small changes you may need to make here and there, and if that’s the case this plan should help you out.

To start off you will want want to get a full physical from your primary care physician, as well as see your dentist and get a green light from them both.

Now, let’s get into our plan.

Month One - Cleanse

The first month we will focus on “cleansing” our bodies and environment of things that may be harmful to our fertility (this includes certain people and places.)

Here’s what to do in month one:

  • reduce processed food consumption + start to eliminate coffee/ soda / alcohol

    and sweets.

  • add cleansing foods to diet ( try one week with no meat), reduce all sugar and refined grains & flours,

  • juice 3- 4 times a week using a recipe with liver cleansing properties. ( this juice is not a meal substitute - we want to flood your body with nutrients instead)

  • castor oil packs 2-4x/week - never during menstruation

  • get tested for food sensitivities

  • begin to chart your cycle ( Fertility Awareness Method)

  • replace toxic products with natural products in your home, shower, and cosmetic bag.

  • Transition to whole foods diet

  • Find an acupuncturist and Chiropractor if your budget allows.


Month two focuses on nourishing the body with healthy food and movement.

Here’s what to do in month two:

  • Implement full cycle synced fertility diet if you haven’t already

  • Incorporate a daily exercise schedule ( light strength training, walking, yoga, etc)

  • Begin fertility yoga 2-3x/week

  • Get more sleep!

  • Incorporate restorative baths 2-3x/week

  • Create a meditation & visualization practice that feels right to you.

  • Start journaling and if your budget allows begin to see a therapist to work through lingering emotional issues.

  • If you are still struggling with making changes to your eating habits consider hiring a heath coach.

  • Consider what kind of healthcare you’d like throughout your pregnancy and birth (OBGYN, Hospital Birth, Midwife, Home birth, Birth Center, Doula, etc.)

Months Three & Four - FOCUS

Months three and four offers us time to troubleshoot and focus. Some common areas with struggles are PCOS and Endometriosis.

For PCOS:  Cut out ALL refined sugar and eat less bread and grains. Be sure that you are including protein in each meal as it slows insulin response. Add fish oil supplement to diet.

For Endometriosis: There is often estrogen dominance and not enough progesterone, to help remedy this limit red meat and animal products with hormones. Increase amount of fiber in your diet. If you are anemic begin take an iron supplement like Floradix. Add fish oil supplements to your diet, Maca to your smoothies and incorporate castor oil packs into your routine.

What to focus on this month:

  • continue months two and three

  • Troubleshooting any diet and physical issues

  • Decreasing your stress levels

  • decluttering your home to create physical and energetic space

  • finding time for joy

After you have completed your three - four month focused preparation period and you are ready to get pregnant here are the things you can do -


  • Get at least 7+ hours of sleep ( I say seven because we live in a modern world but do strive for as much sleep as possible.)

  • At least 2 liter of water/day

  • Herbal Infusions

  • Vegetable Juice

  • Fertility Smoothie

  • Bone Broth

  • Fertility Diet (Less than 40% carbs & at least 25+% protein the rest in healthy fats)

  • Supplements

  • Meditation & Visualization

  • Abhyanga (self body massage)

  • Acupressure

  • Fertility Massage

  • Journaling

  • Fertility Yoga and/or Exercise for 30 minutes



Things you can do each month during the preconception phase:

  • Full body Massage

  • Yoni steam 1-4x/month depending on condition

  • Reiki Session (depending on condition, may recommend weekly sessions)

  • See a Therapist

  • Chiropractor & Acupuncture ( depending on condition, weekly sessions may be recommended.)



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