Our Conception Story


It’s been quite awhile since there’s been a new post on the journal, this year has totally been one in which I had to cut some things back in order to create space for the things that I really wanted. For me, this looked like creating less content and focusing on my product line - it also meant I spent much more of my time on my spiritual, emotional, and mental health. The reason for this is because I knew I wanted to get pregnant this year, so many of my priorities shifted.

If you don’t follow me on Instagram you might have missed my pregnancy announcement, We are so excited to be welcoming our little one in March of next year.

After announcing our pregnancy the questions started flooding in…

“How long did it take you to get pregnant:”

“Did you do anything special to conceive?”

“What can I do to prepare my body for pregnancy?”

This post is to answer all your questions!

While we were very fortunate and were able to get pregnant in four cycles, because of the work I do I know that for many women this is not the case, and it’s just not that simple. My heart goes out to them and I want them to know that no matter how long, or what way you go about bringing your baby here - it’s very personal and each body is different. Just because it may take you longer, or you got pregnant the first time, is no ones business but your own. I am simply sharing my own personal journey here in hopes that it may help you.

In the months before we conceived I did a few things a bit differently than I had been doing over the past year. These are not at all your typical recommendations but I am so happy to share them with you.

First things first…

I decided to let go of restriction and resistance.

For a couple of years I was on a pretty strict fertility diet. The cycle before I got pregnant I decided to take the month off to really enjoy myself.

I let go of eating strict on the fertility diet and instead really embraced intuitive eating. Even within that I allowed myself to enjoy foods that I really love - like tacos! I ate so many tacos the month before I got pregnant. I also downed half a bottle of champagne and ate a few edibles because I really just wanted to have fun.


But Bri this goes against everything you’ve taught about preparing for conception. And that’s partially true - what I think I really have been leaving out is having FUN, and experiencing joy. The cycle before we conceived we really turned up and had a BLAST. Restriction is still resistance, so while trying to stay on the fertility diet I was restricting certain things and that was resistance. As soon as I let go of the resistance, I had fun and just a month later ended up pregnant.

Now to be fair and honest, this mentality worked for me because I’ve been on the fertility diet for years. If you’re someone who has been eating the Standard American Diet, with lots of junk and processed foods, then yes - I would highly recommend you go on a fertility diet and stay on it for at least three to six months before you start trying.

But if you’ve been trying for a while and you’re bored with food and your life, please have some fun. It’s so important. 

I wasn’t afraid to switch it up!

I had been working with an acupuncturist since March, and while I think she’s great I noticed she always did the same needling. So I switched it up and started seeing Dr. Monica at Phoenix Rising Acupuncture here in Texas. Within a month of her care, we conceived! 

I kept my womb warm

My Acu recommended that I start doing moxabustion which is a traditional Chinese Medicine therapy used to warm areas of the body. The moxa stick is like a large incense stick that contains mugwort. I used it daily on my lower abdomen in area of my womb and my body loved it!

In addition to using Moxa, i realized that my feet were always cold, so I made sure to always be wearing socks even though it was summer time. The only time I didn’t wear socks at home was in the shower.

I put down the apps and monitors and listened to my body.

In the three cycles before we got pregnant, I paid more attention to my ovulation strips than I did to my body. This is a big NO NO in the Fertility Awareness world. Finally I decided to practice what I preach, and went strictly on cervical mucus. The day my mucus was the most abundant and the day after are the days we tried, even though my OPK ( ovulation prediction kit) was not yet fully positive. In fact it wasn’t positive until two days after the day the cervical mucus was most abundant. You may be thinking, why would you try when your LH hasn’t surged yet? Because sperm needs the egg white texture cervical mucus in order to make it to the egg. So waiting for an LH surge wasn’t helpful for me, when I was no longer producing that fertile cervical fluid. The sperm had nothing to help them get to their destination. I truly believe this made a huge difference for us.

We practiced Conscious Conception

Conscious Conception is the practice and awareness of conceiving rather, than just 'leaving it up to chance’ and rushing parenthood. This process for us took five years. During this time we focused on our spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health. The idea is that if you work through your trauma prior to conception, you’ll be far less likely to pass your junk on to your kids. I happen to subscribe to belief that much of who we are is influenced by the behavior our mothers exhibited prior to and during pregnancy. I plan to dive deeper in this subject as many of you have expressed interest, but for now if you’d like to read more about it check out this wonderful book.

I got a little bit “woo woo”

Okay so maybe not a little bit, but a lot of bit. If you know me in real life you know I’m pretty “woo” and I LOVE astrology, I find it so fascinating. I won’t get too far into this because astrology can be quite complex, but at the start of the year I mapped out my most fertile transits. I knew June and July were great months for me to try and get pregnant based on the transits I was currently experiencing. If this makes no sense to you, just ignore it. But if it peaks your interest look of “fertility astrology” and/or “fertile transits” and do some digging. For my gals that are astrology nerds like me, my fifth house was LIT the month I got pregnant which is exactly why I planned to try that month.