The Fertile Holiday Guide - 2018

fertility friendly gift guide

Happy Holiday’s!
I can’t believe it’s already time for The Fertility Friendly Holiday Gift Guide! Each year I put together a list of products I think will benefit your fertility. When someone asks you what you want for Christmas this year, you can refer them to this list which has products in every price range.

1. Moon Bites by Food Period | $71-$75

"Moon Bites are based on a functional nutrition protocol called seed syncing, also known as seed cycling, that involves eating certain combinations of seeds, in specific quantities, at different stages of your menstrual cycle. Seed syncing supports your body's natural ability to modulate sex hormone production and elimination, which has been thrown off for many because of prolonged use of hormonal birth control, overexposure to environmental toxins, and the poor nutrition content of our foods (all that low-calorie, processed crap!)."

Moon Bites are an incredibly easy way to start seed cycling. It’s hard to remember to get the recommended amount of seeds everyday when you’re practicing seed cycling and on the go. And to be honest, I wasn’t a huge fan of eating my seeds everyday until I met Moon Bites. Now I can grab a moon bite depending on where I am in my cycle and toss it in my purse and go, it also makes the perfect dessert and it is 100% guilt free AND fertility boosting.

Ready to start seed cycling with Moon bites? You can find them in flavors like Chocolate Chip, Ginger Carrot, Chocolate Hazel Nut, and Vanilla Almond. Find them here, and use code FERTILEALCHEMY to save $15 off.

2. The Modern Fertility Test | $199

I have to say this is the product I am most excited about sharing with you, and it’s not really a “product” at all. It’s a fertility test. A test I will recommend to every woman I work with, why? Because Modern Fertility offers you the ability to get a customized fertility hormone test, physician-reviewed reports, and to learn what your hormone levels mean for menopause onset, egg freezing and IVF, and conditions like POI or PCOS.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Afton, one of the founders of Modern Fertility and she shared with me just how amazing (and necessary) this test really is. Like me, the founders of Modern Fertility want women to have more insight on whats happening in their bodies, so that they can make informed decisions about their reproductive health at price point that is accessible.

Modern Fertility test up to eight hormones - AMH, E2, LH, TSH, FT4, PRL, and Testosterone ( just an fyi- these are the exact same hormones they test for in an infertility test). The test is done by collecting a small sample of blood either at home or in a lab. After you send off your sample, in just a few days you will have access to a dashboard with your report, holistic education, webinars, and a 1:1 consult with a fertility nurse.

With more and more women struggling to get pregnant, our reproductive health offers us a lens into broader health concerns. Understanding the results from your test makes the process of getting pregnant just a bit easier. Armed with insight on your hormones, eggs, and thyroid health, you will be able to have more informed conversations with your doctor or midwife.

To order a test for you, your gal pal or both of you - find it here. And you can find more information on the science of the test here.

3. Breast Butter by Wooden Spoons | $24

“Infused with lymph-moving herbs like calendula, violet, yarrow and red clover, Breast Butter helps your fingers glide during self-massage, promoting the free flow of lymph fluid and helping ease tender breast discomfort. Incorporate this luscious cream into your self-massage routine.”

I always make a habit of massaging my breast when I am applying my post shower oil each day. We often forget about breast health when it comes to fertility, but it is extremely important. That’s why I was so excited to see this Breast Butter from Wooden Spoon herbs. Find it here.

4. Yuyo CBD Sample Box by Yuyo Botanics | $30

This sample kit is perfect for those of you that want to try CBD oil at a super affordable price. The kit includes an AM & PM tincture and a Turmeric Salve.

In the AM formula there are 300mg of cannabinoid extract. This tincture is great to manage aches and pains, to reduce anxiety, and to maintain overall wellness. The AM tincture is formulated with organically grown hemp extract, ashwagandha root, peppermint and lemon, and is perfect for daytime use.

In the PM formula there are 900 milligrams of cannabinoid extract. This tincture is great to uses to aid sleeping*, to manage chronic pain* and migraines*, and to maintain overall wellness.  The PM tincture is formulated with organically grown hemp extract, sweet orange and hops, and is perfect for evening use

The Turmeric + Hemp Salve is a modern version of 'tiger balm' applied directly to the skin. This formulation works best with tackling inflammation, sore muscles, aching joins and helps with muscle recovery post workout. The salve is made with organically grown hemp extract, turmeric, cayenne, menthol, aloe and other essential oils.

You can purchase the Yuyo CBD Sample Box here.

5. Fertili-tea by Euphoric Herbals - $10-39

Fertili-tea is a loose herbal tea blend intended to enhance fertility and/or balance hormones.  If you read my post about cycle syncing herbal infusions, then you probably recognize this tea. The founder of Euphoric Herbals, Cindy is genuinely kind person and I love the brand she’s created. This herbal tea has stellar reviews and contains fertility boosting herbs that are hormonal balancing even if you don’t want to get pregnant. Purchase it here.

6. Digestive Juice & Liver Juice by Organic Olivia - $26.95 (each)

I love Organic Olivia and everything she is about. I have been following her blog for years, and I am thrilled to see her launch her own product line. Two of her tinctures I find helpful for fertility and they are the Digestive Juice & Liver Juice.

"Digestive Juice is a unique formula that was specifically designed to reduce common stomach issues, increase the efficiency of the entire digestive process, and prevent pain and discomfort such as bloating and gas. All of the herbs are considered tried and true traditional “bitters”, used for thousands of years as digestive aids.” Digestive health is extremely important for optimal fertility. Just a heads up on the Digestive Juice, most of us here in the US don’t eat enough bitter foods. This juice WILL awaken those tastebuds so just an FYI.

“Liver Juice is designed to not only help reduce more acute symptoms, like acne, bloating and gas, but is excellent for long-term ailments as well such as hormone imbalance, liver inflammation and, elevated enzymes.” If you can only get one of her products, get this one. It is perfect for supporting the liver, and is quit helpful when taken days 21-28 of you menstrual cycle.

Purchase the Digestive and Liver Juice by Organic Olivia here.

7. Lady Suite Botanical Oil for Intimate Skin - $46

“This beneficial blend of organic and naturally-derived botanical oils is your vulva's BFF. From essential hydration to brightening to smoothing to roadblocking razor burn, it's your must-have solution to intimate skin struggles, especially if you ladyscape (shave, wax, sugar, laser hair removal.) It helps hydrate, calm, smooth, brighten and minimize ingrown hairs.” I am a HUGE fan of Lady Suite, we’re actually shelf buddies at Houston’s Lemon Laine. One reason I am so fond of Lady Suite is because when you apply it, you have to touch your vulva in a more intimate way. And we need all the connections to our lady parts that we can get. I love to apply it fresh out of the shower and/or right before bed. This oil is a wonderful addition to your self care routine, and you can find it here.

8. The Good Patch - PERIOD | $12

Because who doesn’t want a patch for their period?!

“This discrete patch is perfect for treating PMS discomfort all day. 15 mg premium hemp extract is combined with black cohosh which has long treated hormone-related discomfort including PMS and menopausal changes. ThePatch also has menthol to relieve minor aches and pains.” Purchase it here.

9. Pomegranate X Blood Orange Abhyanga Body Oil by Surya Chandra Ayurveda - $65

“Gift yourself and/or a loved one for the holidays with Surya C’s Pomegranate X Blood Orange Abhyanga Body Oil. 

Now more then ever is a time to nourish our Ojas (life force), ease the nervous system, ground in, and anoint the body temple with herbal medicinal oil from the toe up. 

This sweet new burgundy red Oil has been infused in local fresh Pomegranate, seeping in Blood Orange + medicinal herbs of Budda Wood, Bala Root, Rosehips, Juniper Berry, Mugwort, Rosemary, + Silver Fir. 

This warming oil is intended to be applied daily after your shower; AM + PM for nutrient dense moisture permeation, herbal intake, and a healing warm Glo within the junction of winter/ holiday season. Glo in, you are supported.”

I just love me some Lauryn of Surya Chandra Ayurveda. When she told me she was launching a pomegranate infused oil for grounding, I had to have it. I do abhyanga’s pretty much daily but have never used such a luxurious oil to do it. You will feel grounded and nourished after you oil your body with this magic, and you can purchase it here. Want to sample all the oils from Surya Chandra Ayurveda? Check out her holiday gift set.

10. The Fertile Alchemy Collection - $125

Last but certainly not least is The Fertile Alchemy Collection. Yes, I am biased because it’s my own product line but it truly is amazing. You will take a long luxurious bath using our Aromatic Bath soak, step out the tub and pray your belly with our new Magnesium oil for Feminine Balance, and then anoint yourself with Fertile Alchemy Aromatic oil before you start or end your day. Each product in the collection is designed to work together to support your fertility, hormonal health, and emotional wellness. Purchase it here.

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*Some the products in this post were sent to me for free, while some were purchased with my own money. Each product was tested before this post and were shared because I genuinely love them and find them helpful.*