10 Habits of a Woman in Touch With Her Fertility

1. She has a creative outlet | She paints, sings, writes, sews, dances. She conceives and births new ideas  One of the most common things I hear from new clients is that they aren't creative, don't know how to be, and don't where to start. I call bullshit! There thousands of ways to be creative and to express creativity.

2. She Moves | Both literally and figuratively. She is a conscious of her movement. Moving her body physically by exercising, yoga, dancing, walking. Like the ocean, she ebbs and flows. She's not afraid of change and she knows that complacency and stagnation are no friend to her or her fertility.  

3. She's a Healthy Eater | She nourishes her body with healthy food. She's not restrictive with what she eats and instead floods her body with nutrients. She eats whole foods, local and organic when possible and drinks plenty of water.

4. She has Healthy Boundaries  | She knows how to say no. She's protects her space, her time, and her energy. She gives as much as she receives.

5. She gets Enough Sleep |  She understand that work is not more important than rest so she makes sure to always get a good nights sleep

6. She Practices Self Care | She invest in her mental and emotional health. She spends time doing things that refuel her and isn't afraid to let go of anyone or anything that comprises her mental or emotional wellness. She knows how to manage her stress. 

7. She is Forgiving | She knows how to let go and does not hold on to pain or resentment. She knows how to forgive others and more importantly she is able to forgive herself. 

8. She Lives Abundantly | She knows she's fruitful and deserving of prosperity and abundance in her life. She does not settle for less than what she deserves and has transcended thinking in terms of lack.

9.  She's in Touch with her Femininity | Allowing, Surrendering, and Trusting. She decides what it means to be a woman, instead of allowing society tell her who she should be. 

10. She's Aware | She knows not only her place in the world, but she's also aware of her needs, wants, and desires and she's not afraid to ask for them. She's in tune with her intuition and is spiritually aware. 

How did you measure up to this woman in touch with her fertility? Have some work to do? I would love to support you. Find out more here