My Skincare Ritual (Body)

A fertile body is free of unnecessary chemicals. Each day we come into contact with thousands of chemicals that can harm our fertility. From the lotion, we put on our skin, to the body washes we use daily, and the perfumes we spray that smell so lovely. Most of the skincare products and cosmetics we use today are laced with chemicals. To reduce your exposure to toxins try only applying things to your body that you would also feel comfortable putting IN (eating or drinking) your body. 


Dry Brushing |

Dry brushing is a great way to stimulate the lymphatic system. This super easy ritual helps to unclog pores, exfoliate the skin, and release toxins. To dry brush start at the feet and brush the entire body with each stroke moving towards the heart. Be gentle with yourself! 

Body Wash | 

I love to make my own body wash using  Castile soap, Coconut Milk, and Oils. I follow this recipe, only I substitute the raw honey for Coconut Milk instead. 

Body Oil |

I have been absolutely obsessed with Abhyanga's ever since I learned what they were, how amazing they feel, and how nourishing they are to your body. I've tried out a few oils and because I am a predominately Vata Dosha type, Sesame and Castor Oils are my go to. My favorite oil to use is Woman Power Oil. It smells amazing and is infused with Ayurvedic hormonal balancing herbs.

Deodorant |

It's been some years now since I transitioned to natural deodorant so you can bet that I have tried more than a few. I absolutely LOVE  using all natural deodorants that have probiotics in them. They just seem to work so much better for me. This is my current favorite Pit Paste.

Pit Detox |

Detoxing your armpits? Yes, that's a thing. It's a thing you should definitely start doing if you're still using deodorant containing Aluminum. Giving your 'pits a detox helps remove the chemical buildup and funk that often happens when you're transitioning to natural deodorant.  Apply a Bentonite Clay Mask (make it the same way you would make it for your face using ACV) and apply it under your arms. If you would prefer a spray instead - mix 1 tbsp. organic ACV, 4 drops of Rosemary and Lavender Essential Oils into 2oz. of water. Spray under you arms before bed.

Natural Perfume |

All most all the perfumes found on the market contain a list of chemicals that we spray directly on our skin every single day. Research has found that the chemicals in perfume may disrupt our hormones. Why not cut the chemicals?! I absolutely love my natural perfume made from herbs and essential oils. My favorite scents are Red Earth and Bruja from BFree Organics