Fertility Boosting Herbs


High in Vitamin C, Red Raspberry helps to strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles. Red Raspberry is often recommended by midwives during the last trimester to help shorten labor time. For a nourishing infusion add Red Raspberry leaf and Nettle to 1 Quart of water. 


Rich in Vitamins and nutrients Red Clover is a wonderful herb for fertility because it helps to alkalize the body, clear mucus, stimulate the liver and bladder as well as strengthen the ovaries. It can also help women who have low appetite and need to gain weight to get pregnant. Enjoy an infusion of Red Clover alone or add peppermint for additional flavor. 


Stinging Nettle is super nourishing because of it's high mineral content. Nettle works to both nourish and tone the uterus as well as helping to support and strengthen the adrenals. Nettle can be used alone or in combination with other herbs like Red Raspberry or Dandelion. It is the perfect herb to use in infusion if you have been a long-term coffee drinker suffering from adrenal fatigue. 


A tonic herb, Dong Quai helps to strengthen the uterus, reduce cramping, regulate cycles, and help those struggling with Anemia. Dong Quai can help to balance estrogen and progesterone levels in the body as well as and reduce clotting during cycles. It can help to relieve anxiety and depression. 


Dandelion helps to detoxify the liver making it a great herb to work with prior to conception. Dandelion root can help to balance the hormones by helping to relieve liver stagnation. 


Ginger helps to warm the reproductive organs providing increased blood flow and circulation. Ginger has also been used as an aphrodisiac and is wonderful for those struggling with digestion issues and are in the Vata dosha type.


Vitex is widely popular and is often used to help those struggling with hormonal imbalance. It is a wonderful herb for women who are coming off of the pill and also great for those with PCOS. 


This helps to normalize ovarian function and can be helpful for those struggling with hormonal imbalance. False Unicorn is endangered in the wild; do not use wildcrafted sources.


Often used in TCM, Ginseng helps to nourish the body and acts as an adaptogen, aphrodisiac, and tonic. Ginseng is often recommended for men struggling with low sperm count and erectile dysfunction. 


Used both medicinally and in magic, Damiana is often used as an aphrodisiac helping to spice up your sex life. 

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