Feminine & Womb Health Products


It's really important to know about the chemicals in the pads and tampons that are on the market today. Almost all of our favorite brands we buy our pads and tampons from contain bleach, rubber (the same kind they use to make tires), and other extremely toxic chemicals. Each month we are exposing ourselves to these chemicals which are to have some impact on our vaginal health long term. Pads and Tampons mad with natural unbleached cotton are great. I have tried thesethese, and these.


Cloth pads are a great alternative for women who want a reusable option. I have seen them on Etsy, and even Amazon.


Ultimately, I am absolutely in love with my menstrual cup. It has totally help change how I feel about my cycle. With its convenience and sustainability, the menstrual cup just might be the way of the future. I use this one, but certain brands fit certain women better, so you may want to shop around for what you think might work best for you first. 


The Vagina is actually self cleaning so rinsing it well with warm water is enough. If you feel more comfortable using a feminine wash I recommend my clients use this one or this one.


Yoni eggs have become super popular in the last few years. On one hand this is a great thing because more women are aware of what they are and are using them, but on the other hand they are now being mass produced and sold wholesale. 

You do not want a yoni egg that has been mass produced, shipped across the world, to be sold wholesale to get to you. Not only is the quality of the stone not going to be as great, the energy it carries is NOT something you want anywhere near your womb. Before you purchase a yoni egg from anyone, ask them where they got their stones from and what kind of quality they are. If the seller has any issue sharing this information with you, find a new one. This is something you are going to insert into your body. You need to be 100% sure it's of a really great quality and came from a positive source. You can purchase Yoni eggs from here.


A Chakrub is a crystal wand that can be used for pleasure. I own a gorgeous Rose Quartz wand that I absolutely LOVE. The Chakrubs are of REALLY good quality, come from a hand signed letter from the owner, and super cute packaging. They are a bit on the pricey side, but they are well worth it because it will last forever as long as you take care of it. 

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