Fertile Holiday Guide 2017


1. Fertile Alchemy Aromatic Oil $24-44.99

Of course this magical oil is at the top of my list and it just so happens to be something I created. Fertile Alchemy Aromatic Oil is a multipurpose essential oil blend designed to promote hormonal balance, boost fertility, and reduce stress.  Hand blended using Organic Jojoba Oil and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, this soft and feminine blend makes the perfect stocking stuffer! Find it here.

2 . De Lune Menstruation Tonic 4-Pack | $20.00

I was really excited to try this Tonic and super excited to find out they launched a new version of this product. The tonic has Apple Cider Vinegar which helped with the digestive issues I sometimes have during my cycle. Blackstrap Molasses is the second key ingredient that helps reduce cramping and restore iron levels. 

I'm excited about all the products coming to the market  (including my own) that are designed specifically for women. I fell in love with De Lune and their mission. If you're looking for a unique and thoughtful gift, put the updated version "De Lune Support for Period Pain"  on your list. Purchase it here.

3.  The Daily Hit $96.00

CBD is all the rage now! If you follow me on Instagram you've definitely heard me mention it as it is something I use on a regular basis. There's much to be said about CBD and it's magical uses but I'll save that for a later post.  

The Daily Hit which blends CBD Oil, Reishi, and Adaptogens and can be added to smoothies or used to toss a salad, is a wonderful introduction to CBD oil. CBD oil is non-psychoactive so don't worry, The Daily Hit  won't get you high. But it will help you chill out and give your skin a nice healthy glow! Find it here.

4. Amareta Hormonal Skincare | $32-68

Have you ever wanted a skincare regimen that was designed around your  hormonal cycle? Allow me to introduce you to Amareta Hormonal Skincare. I am really excited about this brand because it's another brand focused around women's health. Because our hormones fluctuate throughout our menstrual cycle, having a regimen that targets hormonal breakouts or enhances that glow you get around ovulation is a wonderful idea. 

While I haven't tried these products for myself YET, I do love that they are pregnancy friendly and are free of hormone disrupters. So if you're on the market for new skin care products, definitely give Amareta a try. Find them here.

5. Moon Deli Stress Relief Tonics | $30 $35

I absolutely love Moon Deli and it's not just because they have such an amazing Instagram feed. Moon Deli helps me take my self care game to another level with their herbal tonics. Currently my two favorite are "Golden Turmeric" which is great for digestion,  joint pain, and inflammation. And "Holy Ashwagandha" which is great for stress relief and reproductive support. I like to enjoy the Golden Turmeric as a night cap with Nut Mylk and add the Holy Ashwagandha to my morning Matcha or smoothies. You can get your own Moon Deli Tonics here.

6. GingerChi Breast Oil | $25

This little oil quickly made it's way into my daily routine. After I shower and oil my body I use a bit of this oil and gently massage my breast. This oil helps to firm while helping to eliminate toxins which is especially important for breast health. As women we tend to not think about our breast if there's nothing wrong with them, but just like every other part of your body - Your breast need love too! Find GingerChi Breast Oil here.

7. YogaGlo subscription | $25

I stumbled upon YogaGlo earlier this year when I was looking to deepen my Yogic practice but not ready to commit to a studio yet. For just $18/month you get access to over 4000 professionally filmed online yoga classes you can access anywhere. They even have fertility yoga classes like these! 

A YogaGlo subscription is a wonderful gift to give to someone else or to yourself. They even have a free 15 day trial  I highly recommend. Get your YogaGlo subscription here.

8. Own Your Glow by Latham Thomas| $16.50

While this book is not fertility specific, Latham Thomas is a brilliant woman who fully understands what it means to embrace a fertile life. Her new book "Own Your Glow" helps you create rituals that feel good and will align you to your true feminine self. My favorite reminder from the book was the importance of play for my mental and emotional health. Latham has been my mentor in my head for years, and I am really excited that she gave us the same tools in this book that she uses to have the glowing life she lives. Find Latham's book here.

9. Omega Juicer J8006 | $275

Last year I featured the Vitamix I use, so this year I am featuring my juicer. I have had this juicer for years and I absolutely LOVE it. The difference between it and most juicers is that it is a masticating juicer. Most juicers uses a fast spinning blade but a masticating juicer actually crushes the fruits or veggies making it perfect for juicing leafy greens. The juicer also comes with attachments to make pasta and nut butters which I think is pretty cool. While it may seem pricey upfront, it will pay itself off in a little over half a year at the same cost of a weekly $8 green juice. Get to juicin' here.

1o. Daysy Fertility Monitor | $ 330.00

Last but certainly not least on my list is Daysy Fertility Monitor which is what I use for birth control. Daysy is a side-effect free basal body temperature thermometer. You can take the worry, anticipation, guesswork and anxiety out of being intimate with your partner or you can more effectively plan to conceive. It's as easy as taking your temperature every morning and syncing the app to your phone. No matter what your plans are, Daysy is a wonderful natural alternative to oral contraceptives. You can find Daysy here.