How to Create a Ritual for your Period.

how to create a ritual for your period

Preparing for the day my cycle comes is serious business around here. I start getting ready most times a week before its arrival. Over time and years of misery I have learned that my flow is easiest when I am in flow with my cycle. This means I have to prepare for at least a day or two of complete rest and submitting to whatever my body needs. Doing this ritual every month makes me really enjoy my periods. Creating your own ritual is super easy and doesn't take much time at all.


Day 21  |

I make sure I am stocked up on my chlorine free menstrual pads and that my menstrual cup has been cleaned and ready for use. I do this a week in advance just in case my cycle starts early. There is nothing worse than having to run to the store at 5:00 am to grab pads. 

I make sure I've scheduled sessions with my clients either the day before or two days after my cycle has started. I know everyone does not have this luxury, but committing to this has helped me tremendously.  When we're pmsing, we just want to be left alone. The week before and during our moon, is our most intuitive time. What seems like mood swings is often us picking up the energy we're around.  Some women may love being social the first few days of their cycle, but I do not. This is the time when I am very introspective and have great insight into aspects of my life that may need to change. 

One of my favorite things to do a week before my cycle begins is to schedule an acupuncture session day one or two of my cycle. The acupuncturist will place  puts a warm compress on my belly, a heat lamp on feet, and the needles in points that help reduce cramping and bloating, and assist with digestion. 

Day 23 |

This is when I start to really  notice significant changes in my mood. If there's no baby to make, my body begins to grieve. Before I became aware of my emotional cycles, this was a very tough time for me. I would cry at the drop of a hat. I would lash out at my husband, and I wouldn't want to do anything. Not one single thing. This behavior mirrors someone who has lost a loved one, someone who is grieving. 

Allowing my body to grieve the egg it released that was not fertilized is probably the most important part of my moon time ritual. Instead of going through this emotional roller coaster where I resist the emotions I'm feeling and pretend I have no idea why I'm feeling the way I do.

I honor my body and her cycles. I honor the egg that I released.  I honor the natural process of death and rebirth that happens within my body every twenty eight days. 

Day 24 |

As I get closer and closer to my cycle, I try and prepare as much as I can for at least one day of rest. Three days before my cycle I meal plan for both myself and my husband, so that neither of us has to think about what to cook for dinner during the four days of my moon. 

I prefer to eat very light foods; mostly soups and fish during my period. My body is naturally cleansing itself,  to aid in this I try my best to eat foods that help assist in the cleansing process. 

Bone broth is perfect to sip on while you are on your moon. Three days before my cycle is due, I buy an Organic Pasture Raised Chicken (Either from my local farmer here in Texas or from a trusted butcher counter). Roast the chicken. Eat it for dinner. Make chicken salad for you and your family and save all those yummy bones for you! 

While you're at the store, don't forget to grab some ginger ( Buy Ginger tea if you're going to be on the go!), lemons, and raw honey or stevia. Cramps? Sip Ginger tea with a warm hot water bottle on your belly. Instant relief!  

Day 25 |

By now the sight of clutter makes me emotional and I have the urge to clean. I call this my "nesting" phase. I know the day is getting close and I want to get everything ready before it does. Clothes need to be washed, bathroom and kitchen cleaned, and the living room ready for resting.  


Day 26 |

By now everything should be prepped and I am anticapating the arrival of my moon. Normally I workout three times a week, but the week of my cycle I flow with my body and instead do yoga on the days I would normally lift weights.  Going super hard in the gym the week of your period offsets your natural cycle flow. The best time to really get in in at the gym would be the week following your moon, right before ovulation. 

This is the day I typically roast my chicken and make my bone broth so that it's ready for me to make soup the next day.

Day 27 - 28 |

The apps on my phone are now alerting me that "Aunt Flo" should be coming any day now. This is when I make sure I've responded to all my emails, automated my tweets, scheduled the blog post for the week, and put some thought into what to post on Instagram. My business has to be ready for me to basically go M.I.A. for a day or two. I'm sure there are some people that think this is a bad idea and cannot imagine taking a day off for their period, but why the hell not? We deserve it

The night before my moon is set to arrive I always take an epsom salt bath with magnesium flakes. This helps to relaxes my body and muscles and helps to reduce cramping. I also make sure to have a nice cup of tea before bed to make sure that I am hydrated.

Somewhere in between cycle day 26 and 28 - I make the time to give birth to something. This not only allows me to express myself creatively, but it also allows me to symbolically birth something. I paint, write, sing, dance, cook - Whatever I am in the mood to do, I channel the energy creatively and give birth to something new. 

Day 1 |

The day has come. My moon is here. I am quiet, introspective, and sensual. I'd rather not speak, and instead listen to what my womb wants me to hear. I'm tired, but not like the tired I feel when I haven't gotten enough rest. This is a different type of tired. One that I enjoy because it forces me to move slowly, to close my eyes, and to fully rest my being. 

Nourishing bone broth, soup, and ginger tea aid in digestion making you feel less crampy if you have digestion related cramps. 

The Hot Water Bottle is my bestie. I use it for castor oil packs almost weekly and I use them during my moon. I suggest hot water bottles instead of heating pads because we don't really want any electricity chilling on our wombs, do we?

moontime ritual.jpg

Maintaining this monthly ritual has changed my cycle on so many levels. No longer is it something I dread but instead something I look forward to. It is MY time of the month. A time where I can focus solely on myself and my needs. It's not easy to do this with a full time job, partner, and kids but you need to try to make the time to do it. Women in our society have gotten so far away from our natural rhythms; we see this directly reflected in many of the infertility and reproductive issues we see so commonly today.

To create your own moon time ritual schedule the first day or two of your period for complete rest. If you can't take off your job, make self care your FIRST priority when you get home.

Commit to birthing something new each cycle. This could be a painting, poem, blog post, song, or cake. It doesn't matter what you create, what matters is that you are tapping into your sacral chakra. The sacral chakra rules the reproductive organs and is also the chakra of creativity. Creating rituals that nourish and nurture both your root and sacral chakras can help heal your womb reducing PMS, PMDD, and other reproductive issues.


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