Fertile Alchemy: Interview with Dr. Crystal Jones

 "Fertility is the gift of the Divine Woman."

When it comes to our fertility there are many options we can take to help facilitate healing. One of the options that is often overlooked is the chiropractor.

Having back issues early on in my childhood, I'm very familiar with just how amazing chiropractic work can be. I've gone to a few chiropractors throughout the years so when the time came for me to start preparing my body for conscious conception, I knew heading back to the chiropractor would probably be a great idea.

Before I began my research to find someone in my area, I wondered how exactly going to one would benefit my fertility. It wasn't long after I set the intention to find out that I was sent the perfect person to connect with and answer all my questions. In addition to being an intuitive chiropractic healer, Dr. Crystal Jones also happens to be a beautiful soul who really gets women's health. I just knew she would be the perfect person to answer my questions.

Question 1: What inspired you to begin your chiropractic work?

The entire process has been an interesting journey. I began in the allopathic system with having a corporate job as a government nutritionist. As I continued working with women, I realized that they weren't getting better with condition based treatment. I was treating diseases, not nurturing humans. I knew I needed to leave, this is when I was inspired for change. I worked the corporate job to get the funds for my first professional licensure and degree in holistic wellness consulting. And then I left the government job to become a healer. I was noticing changes on spiritual, biochemical, emotional, and physical levels, yet I didn't have the licensure to actually serve with my hands. I studied traditional West African healing modalities and became aware of the common principle that the nervous system controlled all cells of the body and adapted the inner body to the outside environment and went to chiropractic school. The art of healing has been a beautiful journey for me. I now practice intuitive chiropractic, energy healing, reiki, reflexology and holistic wellness consulting to get rid of destructive cellular memory while providing space for spiritual, emotional, biochemical, and physical freedom. 

"So many women have been told that they cannot have children. Their cells hear those words and begin to act as such. This must be reversed so that the body can physiologically respond differently."

Question 2: In your experience and practice what are some reasons so many women are struggling with infertility.

The main reason that I see the struggle with infertility is because so many people (including themselves) have casted negative spells towards fertility. So many women have been told that they cannot have children. Their cells hear those words and begin to act as such. This must be reversed so that the body can physiologically respond differently. Birth control is another huge stumbling block for women. Birth control for so long has told cells to not be fertile that their body gets accustomed to the message. Inflammatory eating habits can block optimal nervous system flow and is a huge factor in fertility. Babies want to enter safe environments. Lack of healing care is also an issue. Many women have deep emotional and spiritual battles that make babies frightened to enter the womb. It's interesting to see just that one factor change the reproductive system of women. Many women believe that they can't have children based on family history and haven't been reminded of the beautiful power of choice, they have the choice to change that. There are other reasons, those are the most prevalent. 

Question 3: How can chiropractic treatment benefit a woman's fertility? 

Chiropractic care removes nervous system interference, called subluxation, so that the body can tune into life. Subluxation keeps your light from shining. Chiropractic care allows your body to do what it was designed to do-heal itself. Fertility is a normal body function. Chiropractic care allows that light to flow throughout the entire system on a regular basis. It allows for optimal brain-body function; it allows the signals to be clear. Chiropractic care is beneficial for to sustenance of Source Energy throughout the lifecycle - so from before the baby is conceived to transition, chiropractic care is beneficial.

photo provided by Crystal Jones

photo provided by Crystal Jones

Question 4: What would you say is the main health concern or issue you see women come in with? 

Most women come to me when they want change. Their health concern is that they feel stuck. They are ready to address the true issues and do the work to get through them. They come to me when they are in a state of dis-ease and are ready to function at ease. I work with many women to remove spiritual and emotional blockages that have changed biochemistry and manifested physically. Women that are ready to stop giving their dis-ease a name and a home come to me for healing. I see human life from day one until transition. 

"Nature needs no help, just nurturing."

Question 5: Is there anything you can do to prevent this? If so, what?

I can facilitate it, but they have to do the work. I give the women customized self care plans inclusive of chiropractic care so that they can carry the healing process from visit to visit. Life happens, so can I prevent it? No, however, I can offer the care that allows their nervous system to adapt to the fluidity of life at a much better rate. We do intentional breathwork, nourishing, healing care and much more that allows for clarity within the system. 

Question 6: Do you have any fertility tips?

I recommend that mothers begin speaking and writing to their children during the conception process. Children come when they are needed and/or wanted. I also recommend that women get their nervous system checked by a chiropractor regularly for optimum function. If the function to reproductive glands is flowing in excellence, fertility issues are minimized greatly. Women who have the desire to give birth to the nation must be aware that they were created to do this. Nature needs no help, just nurturing. Plant based nourishing is essential for a great child friendly environment. Move often, the body was created to be dynamic. Drink plenty of water and consume necessary minerals. Rest, as the body heals only during true rest. Trust the process and speak life into it. Fertility is the gift of the Divine Woman. 

About Dr. Crystal Jones

As an intuitive chiropractic healer, Dr. Crystal Jones facilitates healing as she feels through her intuition, she always has. She also uses her formal education in chiropractic, energy healing, vibrational sound healing, reflexology, aromatherapy, and wellness consulting to clear destructive cellular memory and neurological interferences. Healing with Crystal is a journey. Her ability to facilitate healing is activated by the energy that she comes into contact with. She works with you through your journey to release everything that doesn’t serve you on physical, emotional, biochemical, and spiritual levels and build with you to be the attractive force to better serve the universe. She uses intuitive healing to perform bodywork as a reset the system. As the healing manifests, communication lines from the brain and body clear. We heal.

Dr. Crystal also serves as a strategy consultant for lady bosses. She loves executing business strategies that are based in intentional planning. She has worked as a consultant for years and enjoys turning brain fog into sustainable lifestyle practice.

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